You're most likely here because I know you in real life and have told you about the HonorBuddy
bot collection and sent you the link via email. You'll find the entire collection of BotBuddy's game automation
programs directly below as well as software from my personal collection. Please do not share these programs with anyone.

Buddy Bots

  • 12 Programs (bots) available

BuddyBots have a range of bots for games including World of Warcraft, Diablo3, Path of Exile, Star Wars TOR, World of Tanks, Archeage, FF14:ARR, Hearthstone and Pokemon Go. All of what I've just listed are in this toolbox and are portable, less than 35mb each and mainly rely on my server side scripts to function. Boom. Usually $25 per program, free for you.


One of my fave World of Warcraft bots. So far there have only been bans every 6 months for people using HonorBuddy but this has let people earn a shitload of money in that time. Highly recommended for a quick money earner. Automatically updates to latest version.

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TankLeader Bot 2016 Free Download DemonBuddy Diablo 3 Bot 2016 Free Download WildBuddy Bot 2016 Free Download Archebuddy Bot 2016 Free Download Buddywing Bot 2016 Free Download ExileBuddy Bot 2016 Free Download HearthBuddy Bot 2016 Free Download RebornBuddy Bot 2016 Free Download Pokefarmer Bot 2016 Free Download Stormbuddy Bot 2016 Free Download AdenaBuddy Bot 2016 Free Download

Creative Tools & Programs (Pre-Cracked)

Sony Vegas Pro 14

One of my fave tools to play around with in my spare time but too many dodgy links on the internet. The keygens are usually the culprit so I've uploaded a pre-cracked version. It's also portable to save long download times (and to reduce the strain on my server) so you can put it on a USB stick and edit on the move. Usually $599, free for you.

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Photoshop CS6 (Portable)

I don't go anywhere without a portable version of Photoshop on my USB drive. As always this is pre-cracked and comes in at only 83mb (a bit more once unpacked to a folder but you only need to download 83mb and then it's up to your drive speed)

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